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Cement sculpture, or concrete sculpture, is an extension of the general sculpture form. Shandong landscape sculpture manufacturer uses concrete as the main material of sculpture (cement sandstone), hardened waste is unbreakable and has a durable life as a building. It is widely used in various outdoor, square, park, theme site and other large sculpture construction. The following is the main introduction of cement sculpture forming methods and maintenance.
Cement sculpture forming methods are generally divided into two kinds, the first is direct forming method: this method is suitable for the manufacture of sculptures with low precision requirements. This method is implemented in detail by directly overlapping the internal skeleton according to the size of the sculpture, and then covering the skeleton appearance with mesh cloth, then pasting cement on the mesh cloth. The data under conventional conditions will initially solidify no less than 45 minutes at 25 C. The clocks will last no more than 600 minutes. Testing the speed of technicians. This method is not good for the overall control of the sculpture. Even if it is found that the sculpture once made is not harmonious, because the cement once solidified, it can not be greatly adjusted. The treatment method can only make the sculpture sketch in place, and strictly enlarge the sculpture sketch according to the sculpture sketch. Due to the influence of cement characteristics and cementation unable to continue carving, the sculpture's appearance is not precisely grasped. Finally, large sculptures made by this method are bulky and need to be manufactured on site.
The second is the application of mold forming: this method is comparable to common, prefabricated components are molded, the characteristics of mold forming and manufacturing of FRP sculpture are fundamentally different, can refer to the "FRP sculpture introduction" using this method to produce cement sculpture with wall thickness can be controlled, sculpture appearance of high precision characteristics.
The longer the time of cement sculpture is, the higher the compressive level is. About 95% to 99% in 28 days, and 105% in 50 years, if there is not several times the gravitational pressure, or the destructive power of natural disasters and man-made disasters. Decades later, we can still adhere to the form intact. In summary, the cement mentioned above is a kind of excellent sculpture material.
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