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  Foam sculpture is a new type of composite material. It has strong plasticity, low price and high plasticity. Foam sculpture is made of polystyrene foam, that is, the material used for packaging household appliances. The difference is that the texture is different, the weight of the unit volume of the packaging is lighter, and the sculpture is heavier.
  Foam sculpture is mainly composed of polystyrene. Many people are called foam board. It has a smaller density on structure and a higher recovery rate. It has independent bubble structure. The water absorption rate is very low on the surface of foam, but it has good permeability and has corrosion of city sculpture, such as acid, alkali, oil, salt and other organic solvents. When the temperature is low, the foam will not crack, and the internal structure is very stable.
  In 1990s, with the rapid development of economy and the prosperity of hotels and businesses, foam sculpture was applied to festival decorations and modeling. The quick modeling process enabled them to create lively and vivid shapes or cartoons and realistically in a short time. Reasonable prices can create a scene of great scenes and play a role in the rendering of festival atmosphere. The role of finishing touch. Often make the guests stop one after another, linger, to a large extent, gathered the popularity.
  Be cast into the shade of the sculpture, the Santa Claus, snow white, God of wealth, zodiac and other special features, and decorate the streets, squares and lobby. It plays an indispensable role in the important festivals of China and the West. Even if the major festivals are not decorated, the bubble sculpture will be more bleak than the FRP, because there is no need to open the mold.
  After years of development, foam sculpture has evolved from the original single festival decoration to multiple development. With its characteristics of strong operability and convenience, it has gradually displayed its unique charm in the fields of film and television props, exhibitions, advertisements, models and so on.

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