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水泥雕塑的优点及缺点 你了解多少?

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Look around us, from the colorful concrete in the public square to the concrete sculptures on the hills, and you will find that the concrete, once only used as building materials, has become a wide range of materials that can be used by most people to express art applications; can display these concrete works that can decorate your courtyard and garden; if the existence of concrete is ignored You may regret it for life.
Advantages and disadvantages of cement sculpture
1.寿命极长 可以抵抗风吹日晒,长期潮湿浸水等等各种长期的恶劣环境。
1. It has a very long service life and can resist wind, sun, long-term humidity, water immersion and other long-term harsh environments.
2.成本相对略低 材料获取容易。
2. Relatively low cost, easy to obtain materials.
3.牢不可摧 时间越长,抗压程度越高。28天时大约达到95%-99%,50年能够达到105%若是没有几倍的重力
3. The longer the indestructible time is, the higher the pressure resistance is. 95% - 99% at 28 days, 105% at 50 years, if not several times the gravity
The destructive power of suppression or natural and man-made disasters. After several decades, it can still remain intact.
4.耐腐蚀性 对大气、水和一般浓度的酸、碱、盐以及多种油类和溶剂都有很强的抵抗能力。
4. Corrosion resistance has strong resistance to atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt of general concentration, as well as a variety of oils and solvents.
5.绝缘性强 作为建筑物材料的水泥是优良的绝缘材料,高频下仍能保护良好介电性。
5. Cement with strong insulation as building material is excellent insulation material, which can still protect good dielectric property at high frequency.
6.耐水性强 养护较佳的水泥长期浸泡于水中可以长期保持原有的硬度和坚固程度。
6. The cement with strong water resistance and better maintenance can keep the original hardness and firmness for a long time after being immersed in water.
1.精细程度 精细程度不及其他室内工艺材料,不适宜生产室内摆件装饰物。
1. The degree of fineness is less than that of other indoor process materials, so it is not suitable for the production of indoor ornaments.
2.较为笨重 同样体积的水泥制品比其他材料制品多出了几倍重量。
2. The cement products with the same volume are several times heavier than other materials.
3.操作时间紧 常规下的材料在温度25℃环境下初凝不小于45分钟终凝不大于600分钟。较为考验技师速度。
3. When the operation time is tight, the initial setting of materials under the normal temperature of 25 ℃ shall not be less than 45 minutes and the final setting shall not be more than 600 minutes. More test technician speed.

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