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In order to integrate landscape sculpture into the natural environment, it is important to open a shop. The location of opening a shop for landscape sculpture must be consistent with the natural environment of the surrounding landscape. The location of opening a shop is different, and the way and function of sculpture works will be different. When designing and placing sculpture works, the surrounding transportation, abortion, equipment, function and indoor space limit must be considered Degree and other elements, and the integration of psychological process requirements and personal behavior methods to carry out clear, leaving enough indoor space and field of vision for theme activities, allowing people to enjoy, rest, take photos and other theme activities beside the sculpture works, such as a group of sculpture works called "release" in Guangzhou Sculpture Park, the broad grass leaves enough indoor "gallop" for the horses' sculpture works The space also leaves us an imaginary interior space. As a background picture, the trees are planted luxuriantly. Against the backdrop of the blue sky, the city skyline has a beautiful fluctuation. All the scenes express this kind of random vision, which also sets off the theme style of release.
In the writing of landscape sculpture, considering the expansion of its function, giving full play to the basic functions of sculpture works can increase the probability of interactive communication between people and sculpture works, such as garden landscape sculpture pieces with multi-functional features such as lighting lamps, signs, rest, etc., which not only clarifies the natural environment, but also can deal with the world.
If we can choose the unique, distinctive and interesting design and conception skills in the writing of works of art, and construct this kind of relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we will be able to cause everyone's concern and make people want to participate in it. With the continuous acceleration of the development of the contemporary city, we expect to stay in the anxious and uneasy work, and feel comfortable and release pressure from touching the natural environment I feel that challenging works of art can consider this rule

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