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Two characteristics of sculpture customization in residential area
Community sculpture customization
The first characteristic is civilization. The so-called civilization is the summation of human's creative talent and creation in nature. The civilization of the community is more beautiful, graceful and elegant. Sculpture is a special inductive shape of people's creative talent. In landscape design, we should excel in its temperament, sublimate the value of historical civilization and art, and control it. The key elements of the system are the combination of national characteristics and deep extension of civilization.
The second major feature is the ornamental nature, which is the most rare and widespread purpose of sculpture. In some residential areas, it is always possible to see the various thematic annotations of the sculpture masterpieces, but also to see the induction of various steps and styles. They are separated from here to recognize and recognize, because their ornamental characteristics dominate the position. As for the recognition of ornaments, it usually starts from the definition of micro ornaments, thinking that ornaments are the foil and perfection of the object's action, and their use is only foil, thinking that they are only a kind of handsome steps and pattern induction. Ornamental sculpture not only serves as ornaments and handsome use, but also a kind of induction of social understanding, beliefs and values. It is a kind of step and scope of artistic induction. Ornamental sculpture is the attribute of circumstances, which is restricted by the group connection of circumstances. Every sculpture placed in circumstances is due to the elements of circumstances. Participation makes it a work of art with mass essence.
Angels represent holiness and goodness, the communicator of God's will, the spirit of God's retirement, and the patron god sent by God to protect believers from demons. Because the abstraction of angels is mostly winged boys, girls or children, the ancients often used "angels" to refer to innocent loved ones (mostly girls or babies); and "angels in white" to refer to nurses and doctors who treat and save people.
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