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Sand sculpture art is a marginal art which integrates sculpture, painting, architecture, earth art, sports leisure and outdoor entertainment. This marginality also determines that sand sculpture creators not only have a good artistic feeling and mentality, but also have the strong physique and dedicated body necessary for outdoor art creation.
Because of the particularity of its materials, sand sculpture is different from other sculptures in the use of tools, mainly carving knives, kettles, pipes, glue and other major tools, as well as degree ruler plastic ring and other auxiliary tools.
Carving knife: Mainly used for partition and detail depiction of block surface, requesting hard texture, good elasticity, sharp and sharp scratch. According to their different uses, they can be divided into three categories:
1. The main tools used for cutting monolithic blocks and manufacturing bottom walls are military shovels, curved clay knives and large shovels. These tools are all slightly processed from stock and can be handled at will.
2. There are mainly various kinds of small spades for partial characterization, and different shapes of scrapers (oil painters usually use that kind of scrapers), requesting changes in shape and sensitive use.
3、用于小型穿孔、开糟的工具主要各类特制的雕刀,要体型狭小、弯曲有度、容易出沙,操作 随手为宜。
3. Special carving knives for small piercing and scraping tools should be small in size, moderate in bending and easy to produce sand, and easy to operate.
Sprinkling pot: mainly used for moisturizing sand, pressing sand in manufacturing process, making skin texture and spraying glue. According to the size of the area, the back type sprayer and small sprinkling can be selected, and the coarse and fine changes of the water can be made at will.
Sandblasting pipe: It is mainly used for clearing a small amount of accumulated sand in the process of sand sculpture. It is requested that the length of the sand should be moderate, the contact point should be the garden mouth, and the contact point should be the sharp angle, so as to increase the sensitivity.
Glue: It is mainly used for fixing the surface of sand sculpture. The most commonly used glue is latex. It can be sprayed in a kettle after infiltrating appropriate amount of water. It is economical and convenient. But when considering the pollution of glue in the manufacture of large area sand sculpture, it can be generally used as environmental friendly glue with a slightly higher price.
The degree ruler in the auxiliary tool is mainly used to control the upper and lower parts, while the sculpture circle is used to partly pile up sand, improve and enrich the height and content of sand sculpture.
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