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Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a kind of material with strong impact resistance, and its internal structure contains crisscross glass fiber reinforced materials. The life span of FRP animal sculptures made of this material is relatively long. The reason is that the ability to fight is very strong, even in hail weather, or by gravel objects, it will not break. Glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) is a composite material with synthetic resin as matrix and FRP and its products as reinforcing materials.
FRP animal sculpture stands in the city public places because of its gorgeous color drawing. In the city with many high-rise buildings and vertical and horizontal roads, it can alleviate the congestion, congestion, rigid and single phenomenon caused by the concentration of buildings, and sometimes it can increase the balance in the open space.
FRP animal sculpture has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and relatively low cost. FRP reinforced plastic sculpture is made of FRP reinforced plastic as the original material.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is widely used to beautify the city and decorate the home. It can not only be placed in the living room and study as a decorative role, but also can be placed in every corner of the city to beautify the city. At the same time, it can also be placed in the Department Store to play a role in the beauty of the market. It is a representative work of FRP garden sculpture and FRP landscape sculpture.
FRP animal sculpture is light and high strength: as long as the density is 1.5-2.0, only the density of carbon steel is 1 / 4-1 / 5, the weight is much lighter than steel in the same volume, but the tensile strength is close to or greater than that of carbon steel, and the strength can be compared with high alloy steel.
FRP animal sculpture can fully select the data to meet the product function; according to the needs, sensitive planning of various structural products to meet the use requirements can make the products have good integrity.

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