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        Last time we talked about how to choose a reliable figure sculpture manufacturer, today we will talk about how to distinguish the quality of figure sculpture. An important criterion for inspecting landscape sculpture is its quality. Especially for such products as cast bronze figure sculpture, the performance and quality of the products are undoubtedly the concern of every purchasing officer. So does cast bronze figure sculpture have a specific acceptance criterion? Now let Jinan landscape sculpture to popularize the acceptance criteria.
  1. Technological appraisal: See whether the sculpture of cast bronze figures is deformed compared with the original drawings. The sculpture lines are smooth and vivid. There are no defects such as concave and convex, exposed bottom and hemp surface. If both sides have requirements for coloring, they should also meet the requirements for coloring, and the surface of the sculpture is uniform in color. The wall thickness of cast copper products is moderate and uniform; there are no sand holes, blowhole and other traces on the surface; and all cast copper products need anti-rust passivation treatment.
  2. Identify the material of the product. In accordance with the requirements agreed in advance by both sides, it is necessary to determine whether the manufacturer is made of bronze, bronze or brass, and whether the copper content meets the national standards. Otherwise, if the material does not match the material used before the sculpture is made, it can be said that the manufacturer cut corners in the production process. Material is a substitute, it can not be called cast copper, then the quality of all aspects of the product will be greatly discounted.
  3. Place life, a good quality copper sculpture products to ensure that the copper sculpture within 10 years will not appear cracking and other quality problems.
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