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In Shandong Landscape Sculpture sculpture design, different space types of sculpture in the method, scale and theme selection should have different performance, its specific considerations are as follows.
Firstly, the theme of sculpture in each space should be in accordance with the cultural connotation of the space and the scale of living space at different levels, the degree of enclosure and accessibility, and the sculpture of different scales, different proportions and different shapes should be constructed.
Generally speaking, the stronger the privacy, the smaller the standard, the stronger the sense of enclosure and the weaker the flexibility. For example, the folk craftsmen often carve the wall carefully when entering the traditional courtyard. The reason is that the space inside the courtyard is completely semi-private. It is only used by the residents in the courtyard. It should be different from the semi-public space and the public space outside. On the other hand, the public nature is different. The stronger the standard, the weaker the enclosure and the better the flexibility. For example, the gathering oasis in the residential area is generally planned to be more open and unimpeded. Therefore, the sculpture planning should take into account the visual perception in all directions of people entering the oasis, the different effects of sculpture manufacturing, and the long-term and short-sighted, so it is generally planned to be larger.
Then, sculpture can also be used as one of the means of separating two different spaces. At this time, sculpture plays a role of a node in the transition from space to another space. It should clarify to people that the space inside is possessed by a specific part of the people, who are not encouraged to enter. Therefore, at this time, sculpture plays a "door" effect, but not just like the door.“ Absolute rejection ", this is a very ambiguous relationship, in the shape and standards, and theme selection have higher requirements.
Finally, it is worth emphasizing that the harmony between the sculpture planning in the residential environment and the environment is also very important. This requires that the theme of the sculpture should be consistent with the theme of the residential architecture culture. The harmony between the sculpture standard and the surrounding environment is the key to the construction of the aesthetic quality of the community.
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