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Western figure sculpture is one of the most common types of figure sculpture in our life. It has a very common application in our life. With the development of the times and the constant changes of copper sculpture technology, the figure sculpture, the sun god sculpture and various children's sculptures in our life are beginning to appear in our life, and the establishment of our living environment has a very important impact and influence. Effect. So what do you know about the common Western figure sculptures in life?
Western figure sculpture is the representative sculpture of Western sculpture. Everyone knows that Western sculpture centers on Europe. The representative works mainly include ancient Greek sculpture, ancient Roman sculpture, medieval sculpture, Renaissance sculpture and 18th century sculpture. Classicism, Romanticism, Idealism, Implicationism, etc. Most figures sculpture works of Westerners have strong decorative and applicability. Pay attention to the facial description of the characters, and add color to the statues, separate the sculpture and painting, and complement each other. Let the works have the same aesthetic feeling and ornamental value as painting.
The image of Western figure sculptures is very rich and the number of them is increasing. Mainly describes the image of warriors, attendants, kabuki, dancers and other different social positions. Sculpture techniques gradually get rid of stylization, realistic and vivid images. And the material is rich, such as bronze, gold, silver, lead, pottery, jade, stone, teeth, bone and so on. The manufacturing technology of all kinds of materials has also been developed, and the pursuit of elaborate beauty has become the dominant aesthetic trend in this period, especially in bronze, jade and lacquerwood sculptures.
With the development of Chinese sculpture technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the most common Western figure sculptures in modern life are bronze figure sculptures and Han Baiyu Western figure sculptures, which play an important role in our life.
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