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FRP abstract sculpture is a kind of creation through people's inspiration. This kind of sculpture is irregular, unlike the fixed pattern of animal sculpture. This kind of sculpture makes people associate more with it. It can also be said that everyone understands an abstract thing. Therefore, this kind of sculpture can give you some inspiration. Shandong Landscape Sculpture Company adds that this combination of sculpture and environment also makes the city more colorful and lively.
There are three main types of FRP sculpture mould materials:
1. The die cavity made of FRP material is also called hard die method. That is to say, the FRP sculpture is turned over on the FRP mould. The hand paste forming method is commonly used in the FRP mould, and the forming circuit should be designed before manufacture.
2. The mold cavity made of gypsum material is also called broken mold method. However, the gypsum material is of low strength and easy to deform for a long time.
3. Mold cavity made of silicone rubber material is also called soft mould method. Silicone rubber data were in fluid state before application, with good mobility and filling. The rubber elastomer can be formed by cross-linking reaction after preparation, which can have large elastic deformation. The cross-linked silicone rubber has good sealing property and does not bond with the original mould and FRP. Using it as the surface material of FRP sculpture mould can not only reproduce the appearance of the work with high quality, but also ensure the smooth demoulding. However, the cross-linking of silicone rubber is easy to deform, so it needs support carrier when it is used as a die. It can be used as the carrier material of the mould by using the easy-forming property of FRP. Detailed die manufacturing method is: the prepared silicone rubber is painted on the original model several times, and the silicone rubber layer should be more than 1 mm later. After crosslinking of silicone rubber, the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) layer with a thickness of about 3 mm was formed on the silicone rubber. After FRP solidification, cut the whole die along the dividing blocks. When cutting, pay attention to cutting both FRP layer and silicone rubber layer at the same time. The joint ribs are manufactured between the units, and a slot should be set at the joint ribs to ensure that the unit die is combined into a whole through the joint ribs. After the above work is completed, the FRP unit block is demoulded, then the silicone rubber layer is removed, and the removed silicone rubber block is immediately put back into the FRP unit die.
After reading the above, I wonder if you all understand it. Today's wonderful content is provided by the friendship of Shandong Landscape Sculpture Company. I hope it will be helpful to you. More wonderful content is welcome to consult our official website: .

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