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Design and modeling
The design of FRP sculpture should consider the characteristics of material technology. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is easy to form beautiful streamline products, highlighting the sense of the times of the works. Arc streamline can be used in the design. Due to its light weight and high strength, FRP can be used to make works with strong movement and small supporting area. Sometimes it is necessary to finish the surface layer after curing. The gel coat has leveling property. When curing, it has certain leveling effect under the action of tension, so it is not suitable to show fine texture. These should be carefully considered in the design.The original mold can be made of clay. After the sculpture is finished, it will dry naturally, and then the FRP mold can be made.
Production of FRP
Hand paste method is used for making. According to the shape and characteristics of sculpture, from the angle of easy forming and demoulding, the mold is divided into several units for remaking. According to this, they are formed and combined into a whole. Finally, the overall treatment of painting, a FRP sculpture will be completed.
Mold making
Mold making is the key to molding. Gypsum is often used in mold making, but the strength of gypsum is low and it is easy to deform in a long time. The mold can be made of silicone rubber and fiberglass. Silicone rubber is in fluid state before use, with good flow and filling performance. After crosslinking reaction, the elastomer is formed, which has large elastic deformation. The water of the original model has no effect on the crosslinking reaction. After crosslinking, the silicone rubber has good sealing property and does not adhere to the original FRP. It can be used as the surface layer of FRP mold to copy the shape of the work with high quality and demould smoothly. However, the coupling body is easy to deform and needs to support the carrier. The glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is easy to form and used as the carrier of mould.
Mold making method: prepare silicone rubber and apply it on the original mold in several times for more than 1mm. After the silicone rubber is crosslinked, a glass fiber reinforced plastic layer of about 3mm is formed on the silicone rubber. After curing, cut the mold along the divided unit block, and pay attention to cut the fiberglass layer and silicone rubber layer at the same time. A positioning groove is arranged at the connecting rib of the connecting rib made between the unit blocks to ensure that the connecting rib can make the unit block mould integrated. After the completion of the work, the unit block of FRP is demoulded, then the silicone rubber layer is removed, and the removed silicone rubber is immediately put back into the FRP unit mold.

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