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Sculpture has a long history. China is an ancient civilization with at least five thousand years of culture. In ancient times, we have some clay, bronze, casting, purple sand, clay, etc., but like modern sculpture - FRP sculpture, there is still a gap between China and the world. In recent years, the development of modern FRP sculpture is slow in China. This material can not only be used in sculpture, but also in aerospace, chemical and other fields, showing its many advantages and excellent characteristics.
The development of fiberglass sculpture in sculpture industry is due to the need of many outdoor sculptures for high-quality materials such as cold resistance, alkali resistance, light weight and good coloring. In addition, in China, more and more physical stores need landmark sculpture as decoration, so fiberglass sculpture has become the target of many shopkeepers. There are several reasons for the rapid popularity of fiberglass sculpture:
The cost is not very high. Compared with the quality of copper, some people make use of copper Buddha statues, but the cost is very high, often millions. People who build large Buddha statues must be awed people or groups of Buddha statues. Buddha statues are usually made by masters and are very expensive. At the same cost, fiberglass sculpture can be made larger and higher than copper sculpture. Because fiberglass is much cheaper than copper.
We mentioned the advantages of fiberglass sculpture earlier, that is, it is not affected by external factors, the appearance will not change for a long time, or even throughout the year, and it is easy to make shapes and paint colors very beautiful. In China, fiberglass sculpture is widely distributed in major cities, and great progress has been made in domestic sculpture in recent years. It is suitable for square, park, block, campus, indoor, outdoor and other environments. Traditional materials have some limitations.

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