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  The selection of sculpture content is diverse. After selection, processing and processing, artists can focus on sculpture works, from the reproduction of recognized themes to the formation of arbitrary shapes. Only meaningful methods are needed.
  About data selection.
  Different materials have different shapes, proportions, colors, strengths, etc., which will have an impact on the expression, appearance treatment, production process, processing methods and use scale of sculpture themes. Therefore, the accurate selection and reasonable use of data also test the understanding and control ability of sculpture manufacturers.
  Method of construction.
  The structural elements of sculpture can be divided into various shapes and data, such as three-dimensional, three-dimensional, plane three-dimensional, and so on. Through repetition, mutation, common types, illusion "works, they omit the formation of color, differentiation, combination and other application programs, complex and changeable shape vocabulary, so the external type is objective image and one-sided meaning.
  The first person to see things is with some specific vision that once people go beyond the 45 degree angle (the best angle) of about 27 degrees, they can affect the public's aesthetic vision, thus affecting the public's aesthetic experience and the expression of sculpture art. Therefore, Hong Kong Beauty sculpture believes that sculpture should pay attention to these four things: placement.
  1. 雕塑应远离主要交通干道,置于活动空间中,有利于创造更广阔、更集中的城市雕塑。
  1. The sculpture should be far away from the main traffic roads and placed in the activity space, which is conducive to the creation of broader and more concentrated urban sculpture.
  2. 雕塑放置后的空间不仅要有开阔的透视效果,还要保持一种封闭感。
  2. The space after the sculpture is placed should not only have an open perspective effect, but also maintain a sense of closure.
  3. Pay attention to the correlation between objects in the space environment, highlight the theme and reflect the best effect.
  4. 协调雕塑与空间其他地方的差异,注重形式、肌理、虚实、色调的对比。
  4. Coordinate the differences between sculpture and other places in space, and pay attention to the contrast of form, texture, reality and color.
  First of all, the house is beautiful, but also to ensure the stability and stability of the foundation, for sculpture production, placement is the same, it affects the stability of sculpture.
  Second, people who pay more attention to sculpture all know that the shapes of various sculpture bases: square, circular, long and flat square sculpture, high, short, irregular, etc., and a shape, they will produce a certain integrity and integrity of sculpture foil and make-up, such as good foundation treatment, can also be a good display of sculpture art, can also produce unexpected artistic effects.
  In short, for sculpture with base, if the base is not handled well, the overall effect of sculpture will be greatly reduced, which will affect the expression of sculpture art effect.

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