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Several points for attention in landscape sculpture resettlement
Landscape is becoming more and more important in modern cities. Residents destroyed by the crowded environment, noise, exhaust gas and short rhythm of life are eager to be alleviated in the shade and relaxed environment. Therefore, the sculpture in the landscape is basically relaxed and lively style, and its style is also characterized by local features, myths and legends, dance, sports, birds and animals, cartoon characters are always rich in flavor, pleasant and vivid. Only in special areas of prehistoric and monumental landscapes or landscapes can serious statues be seen. Such as Wuhan East Lake Qu Zi, Chengdu cottage Du Fu and so on.
The famous landscape has become the hot spot of urban tourism. As a result, groups of landscape sculptures with local customs and prehistoric legends are quite popular, and they are often set in the order of the primary tourist routes. Excellent landscape sculpture not only enhances the landscape and trees in the park, but also enriches the humanities of the scenic spots, and often becomes an important scenic spot itself.
As the landscape is a place for people to rest and recreation, the warm and auspicious atmosphere should be preferred, so the sculpture volume should not be too large and the base should not be too high. Giant works such as giant heroes of gods, Buddhas and giants often damage the overall quiet and intimate atmosphere of the landscape.
In contemporary landscapes, leisure squares and street green spaces, scattered sculpture is prevalent. This kind of works, which lay on the lawn or paving ground and lay in horizontal direction, can be traveled between statues by tourists. It makes tourists feel that the works of sculpture are a member of the crowd, so the intimacy and reality are very intense.
Landscape sculpture is naturally set up for decoration and rich overall environment, but the surrounding environment not only restricts works, but also can change equipment for outstanding works. Therefore, compared with square sculpture in creation, landscape sculpture can provide artists with greater freedom and show their emotions more easily.
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