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The meaning of landscape sculpture to the community
In the urban livelihoods set up by high-rise buildings, the environment of the district directly relates to the livelihood character. With the popularity of the sculpture profession, landscape sculpture in residential areas has also been listed as the side. When some developers set up in the residential areas, landscape sculpture in residential areas has been listed as the theme, as the theme of the climate planning of residential areas.
Community landscape sculpture is the same as urban sculpture. It covers many kinds of sculpture, such as figure sculpture, animal sculpture, Abstract sculpture, bronze relief sculpture, sketch sculpture, etc. It is often placed near the leisure square, doorway or avenue of the community, and is sent to visit for people's leisure and recreation, thus leading to the consensus of the world and encouraging people to communicate with each other. Thesis, therefore, said that the establishment of landscape sculpture in residential areas has great significance, not only exposed to the environment, but also an exposure of seeking livelihood, outstanding personality and human emotional communication.
The theme of landscape sculpture selection in residential area is mostly close to livelihood, with beautiful implication and exquisite style. It is devoted to adding more elegant flavor to people's livelihood. For example, the common copper sculpture of flying horse in residential area, which leaps forward and is magnificent, gives people a positive and full of vitality, undoubtedly increases the environment of residential area. In addition to exquisite animal sculptures, some past and future figure sculptures are often the main categories of landscape sculptures in the community, such as Beethoven sculptures of musical characters, typical Western figure sculpture styles, clear themes and so on. Taste.
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