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What are the requirements for sculpture planning in school schools?
School sculpture, with the development of social economy and the evening of education system, is becoming more and more popular. The so-called school sculpture here refers only to those sculptures placed within the scope of the school. It includes the bust of famous figures and the general sculpture of school standard.
In the 21st century, there will be a sculpture like this in almost all schools and schools at the urban level. However, the school sculptures that seem to be around us do not end in a sloppy way. After all, they were shaped by rigorous ideas and then constructed. What are the detailed requirements for school sculpture?
School sculpture should create a perfect visual image with the school environment, together with the scene space environment to give vitality and theme, usually with its delicate format, delicate shape to embellish the space, make the environment space attractive and artistic conception, and then improve the artistic realm of all environmental scenes.
School sculpture should play an educational role. School sculpture can't just be like city sculpture. If we do it well, it's enough to attract people's attention. This is not allowed. Everything is purposeful, and sculpture is the same. Suppose that a sculpture is just an ornament. In order to be beautiful, there are many things to be satisfied with. It is not necessary to install sculpture, but if we want to pay attention to both beautiful and practical effects, then it is not necessary to sculpture. Because sculpture is also the carrier of civilization, leaving an inscription under the sculpture is also a common way to convey civilization.
Considering the persistence and safety, students in primary and secondary schools are more cunning. Naughty enough to climb trees and climb sculpture. Therefore, if the school sculpture should pay more attention to safety and durability. That's why some of the better sculptures are people who can only look up to others. Well, in fact, there are some details in the school sculpture planning, but because of the limited space, today I just want to introduce so many.
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