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Stone carving technology
Stone carving art has a long history, recording the growth and improvement of human society, and has become one of the important material carriers of the inheritance of historical civilization. In today's society, the common nature of natural stone carving materials, according to their aptitude, skillful because of color, round carving, carving, relief, line carving alternation, stone carving manifestations rich and colorful!
The stone carving materials are of single type. From the composition of natural minerals, it can be divided into three categories: accumulative rock, volcanic rock and metamorphic rock. The most commonly used stone carving materials are granite, marble, sandstone and various black stones.
The material of stone carving should be chosen according to the way and content of the carving, and according to the specifications, dimensions and shapes of the carving, the materials with uniform texture, color, texture and crystal structure should be chosen.
The secondary process of stone carving is orderly stopped according to the following secondary links: selection - material - Submission - carving - detail description - decoration and polishing.
No matter what art, it can not be separated from the support of foreign civilization. At present, the key reason why many city sculptures are not recognized is that there is little infiltration of Chinese traditional civilization and foreign regional civilization, and there are too few "Chinese elements" in the sculpture. What is city sculpture? My understanding is that urban sculpture is the most indirect carrier of mental collision and emotional feeling between a city forged with steel and cement and its citizens. An excellent urban sculpture should have many civilized denotations, such as historicity, humanism, regionalism, epoch, enlightenment, significance, remembrance, communication and so on. If this sculpture is cold and unfamiliar, and is out of touch with the times and history, it will not enter the hearts of citizens, nor can it carry the civilization and abstraction of a city.
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