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Teach you how to choose the appropriate landscape sculpture
Landscape sculpture is not only a small role of guarding the streets, but also not only a plastic ornament. It belongs to the "street civilization" and conveys stories and civilizations to people who interact with each other with their own strength. With the improvement of society, this civilization is also experimenting with innovations in the field of creative arts from time to time, and more and more interesting shapes are participating in landscape sculpture.
How to choose the appropriate sculpture; there are many products outside the stone carving we know, which can be divided into character carving, plant carving, garden carving and so on. How can we choose suitable sculptures according to our own needs? Above to give you some advice, I hope to be able to help customers.
Some sculptures of figures or plants can be placed in the leisure garden green space, which can reflect the post-natal situation of the citizens and highlight the theme of leisure and peace. If there are some legends and allusions in the place, a series of sculptures of historical and civilized stories can be made. Outdoor sculpture generally chooses durable natural nature information: stone, bronze, etc., if the funds are sufficient, you can think about FRP sculpture.
雕塑的价值与编辑有关,通常国际知名的雕塑家作品,一件等小人物的价钱不管材质是什麼都要10-100万元, 当然,数量多的话也可以呈现40万做7-8团体物的。 间接去找雕塑工厂可以低价。济南这边雕塑厂众多,本厂消费的产品有:人物雕琢,名人雕琢,植物雕琢,园林雕琢等,有需求的客户可以与本厂间接联络,大家专业定制产品,只需你想要的大家就能满足。
The value of sculpture is related to the author. Usually, the price of a famous sculptor's work, no matter what the material is, is 100-1 million yuan. Of course, a large number of sculptures can also present 400,000 people as 7-8 groups. It's cheaper to find a sculpture factory indirectly. There are many sculpture factories in Jinan. The products we consume are: figure carving, celebrity carving, plant carving, garden carving, etc. Customers in need can contact us indirectly. We specialize in customized products, as long as you want, we can meet them.
In summary, all the above-mentioned Shandong Mianmiao Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. provides, want to know more about Shandong landscape sculpture knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website: Thank you for your support!

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